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Everything in the world after the pandemic is changing drastically. From homes to public transportation systems, nothing will ever be the same in a post-pandemic world. For instance, the Indian Railways announced that there must be sanitization stations, foot-operated soap dispensers, and surfaces made of antimicrobial material in all their trains. This was done to safeguard the passengers traveling by railways in a world where COVID-19 has become the ultimate reality.

The bottom line is that the pandemic has changed all our lives in dramatic and unprecedented ways. While there is some experience that we have gained over the past few years, it can be seen that there is a need for more. In order to protect our family and loved ones, it is the need of the hour to adapt to the new normal by choosing smart and innovative solutions to convert our homes into safe havens that offer both comfort and safety. Abhishek Chadha, the Co-Founder and CEO of the luxurious interior design firm, is here to impart some insider tips and tricks that can lead to futuristic home interiors.

Automation will be the most prevalent game in home and office spaces. This entails the use of machinery to improve the quality of life. These days, almost every home has a Google Device or an Alexa that can control the ambient noise and dim the lighting when one enters the house. For instance, operating systems in a smart home are gaining traction. Long gone are the days when people needed to carry a physical piece of paper with a grocery list jotted down.

A smart fridge today is capable of taking care of everything. By being connected to your phone, the need for a paper list can be eliminated. In fact, due to extensive technological advances today, it is possible that after a long day at work or after a particularly grueling session at the gym; one can instruct the smart home to start the geyser for hot water or start preheating the oven to fast pace the overall dinner preparation time.

In Prestige Lakeside Habitat, The KariGhars have imparted their signature style of having an automated kitchen so that their homes can be the epitome of coziness and luxury. The kitchen in this residential design is fully automated and is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, making for a seamless cooking experience.

In the pursuit of safety, many families may also opt for professional air purifiers. It becomes a boon for any family with young toddlers, newborns, or geriatric parents who need care. The right kind of air conditioning system can change the quality of air one breathes. Air circulation also forms to be a crucial factor that needs to be addressed to curb the spread of COVID-19. The air purifier needs to be ionized to be the most effective in eliminating the minute virus particles.

With the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, families are spending a lot more time with each other. Parents are working from home, and children are studying from home. A new trend that is already emerging in the world of interior design is the segregation of workspace and relaxation space. Many people these days are calling for a dedicated office space to be created where professionals can work from home. Children are also calling for a dedicated study space to learn undisturbed. Living rooms are being converted into family entertainment rooms where families can sit and bond over a movie or a board game.

Abhishek Chadha would also like to mention that all these changes and new needs can be addressed with the help of a team who comes together and makes a conscious effort to arrive at a stunning and miraculous end result. With the air of change upon us, it is high time we realize that our immediate environment needs to change to protect us from this widespread virus.