International singer Shivangi Sharma talks about her musical journey and much more…

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Singer Shivangi Sharma, an expectional talent who has always left her audience spell-bounded with hits such as Sexy Saiyyan and Roshini. Presenting a candid conversation with this fabulous artist.

1. How has been your journey in Bollywood/Music industry?

I have learnt a lot from this industry, still there’s a long long way to go… I got a lot of recognition because of my work in this industry. Every person I knew taught me something new and that’s what has made me who I am today!!

2. What was your true dream or you are on it actually?

Well, I was the girl who had no dreams, no ambitions as I was growing up; since I belong to an extreme conservative family where girls were not supposed to dream at all… Max they could do is- teach in a school and get married. I tried to break every possible barrier and came this far. For me it’s not being over ambitious, it’s about making the right goals and taking necessary steps to achieve them. Work Hard I’ll say!!

3. You have worked with lots of imminent artists. How was your experience while performing with the stars like Daler Mehandi, Rahul Vaidya, Kailash Kher, and Arijit Singh and others?

As I said, I have learnt from everybody on my way. Daler ji is amazing with the music experimentations on stage, Kailash sir is very humble with everyone, and ofcourse a mesmerising artist. Arijit is really straight forward and doesn’t shy away in saying no for anything he doesn’t like and Rahul is a package of all. I learnt plenty of things from Rahul like stage presence, patience on stage, how to deal with the audience, how to keep things really professional, how to keep a team intact without a fuss at all. And how to handle situations happening round the clock. 

4. Your hard work finally pays off with your debut album ‘Sexy Saiyyan’. How did it all happen?

It took me years to come so far. It’s a long journey, nothing happened overnight. I learnt everything while working… I learnt from my mistakes, without any godfather or external support. I just knew one thing Keep going! Keep going everyday! Don’t waste time. It’s hard work giving fruits to cherish.

5. Share some memorable moments with us?

I was recently performing in US and after the show, the event organisers came to me and appreciated my work. In fact they said they want to pay me more!! Haha!! It kind a gave me a thrill. 

6. You consider Rahul Vaidya a big pillar of your career? Please share glimpse of some special memories with him?

There are so many. Its been years that I know him, and every time we meet, he leaves teaching me something new. So, Rahul was the first person who saw Roshni for the first time, he loved it and seeded the confidence in me to go ahead. He always tells me, “Bilkul Chha Gayi Ladki”

7. How about moving forward with video concept after the big success of your music video Roshni on You Tube?

The moment I make some song the first thing I get in my mind is concept, which depends on the mood of the song. We are currently thinking of a nice concept. I hate making something baseless and meaningless.

8. What do you want to be in the next five years and what are your future plans?

Shivi doesn’t make plans for that long at all. Who knows about life! It is Unpredictable!! I wanna do my best now and work hard. Results will follow !!