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The best villains are the ones you love to hate: Harjinder Singh

Harjinder Singh, a seasoned film actor who has portrayed both negative and complex characters, shares insightful reflections on the nuances of his craft. He emphasizes that being hated for a negative role signifies success in portraying the character effectively. Despite the audience’s strong reactions, he underscores the importance of viewers recognizing that it’s merely a portrayal, not reflective of his real-life persona.

In discussing the range of emotions a negative character can explore, Harjinder acknowledges the depth and complexity such roles offer. He highlights that characters can evolve from positive to negative or vice versa, offering actors a broad canvas for performance. Whether delivering long or short dialogues, he believes that understanding the character’s emotions and context within a scene is paramount, ensuring authenticity in portrayal.

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Regarding the challenges of emotional scenes versus physical action, Harjinder finds emotional scenes more demanding due to the need for genuine emotional engagement and understanding of character motivations. He suggests that while action sequences can be perfected through practice, emotional authenticity requires deeper emotional investment and connection.

Harjinder also stresses the importance of a character’s evolution in storytelling, as it enhances relatability and audience engagement. This evolution, he believes, adds depth and realism to narratives, making character journeys more compelling and believable.

In essence, Harjinder Singh’s perspective provides valuable insights into the art of acting, emphasizing the complexities of portraying negative characters, emotional depth, and the significance of character development in creating impactful storytelling.

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