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From Vanraj to Bapuji: Commemorating Father's Day with the Endearing 'Anupamaa' Characters

The show ‘Anupamaa’, crafted by Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi, masterfully portrays the multifaceted nature of fatherhood through its richly diverse characters. From Vanraj’s journey of redemption to Bapuji’s steadfast support, the series underscores that fatherhood encompasses love, guidance, and strength.

This Father’s Day, let’s reflect on the characters of ‘Anupamaa’ and honor the fathers and father figures who enrich the storyline. Whether they embody the strict yet loving nature of Vanraj, the supportive understanding of Anuj, or the wise nurturing of Bapuji, each character exemplifies different facets of paternal roles.

Hasmukh “Bapuji” Shah: The Wise Grandfather

Arvind Vaidya’s portrayal of Hasmukh Shah, fondly known as Bapuji, brings wisdom and warmth to the screen. As a father and grandfather, his guidance and unconditional love are central to the family dynamics. Bapuji bridges generational gaps with sage advice, highlighting the vital role of fathers in nurturing future generations.

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Vanraj Shah: The Complex Patriarch

Sudhanshu Pandey’s portrayal of Vanraj Shah reveals a complex character whose journey as a father is marked by challenges and growth. Despite his flaws and tumultuous relationship with Anupamaa, his devotion to his children—Paritosh, Samar, and Pakhi—and now his grandchildren remains unwavering. Vanraj’s evolution from dominance to reconciliation portrays the intricate layers of fatherhood.

Anuj Kapadia: The Supportive Guide

Gaurav Khanna’s character, Anuj Kapadia, embodies a father figure whose bond with Anupamaa’s children, particularly Anu, is heartwarming. Anuj’s patience, empathy, and unwavering support demonstrate the modern-day father figure. He not only supports Anupamaa but also serves as a mentor and friend to her children, showcasing fatherhood extending beyond biological relationships.

Paritosh “Toshu” Shah: The New Age Dad

Gaurav Sharma portrays Paritosh Shah, navigating the complexities of early fatherhood. Despite his past rebellious streak, Toshu’s love for his daughter shines through as he balances career aspirations with family responsibilities. His journey reflects the challenges and joys of modern fatherhood, resonating with today’s young fathers.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to recognise and express gratitude to the fathers and father figures whose guidance and love have profoundly influenced our lives. Their sacrifices, love, and guidance are pillars of strength, deserving of recognition and gratitude. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers who inspire us with their love, wisdom, and strength. May your day overflow with cherished memories and the warmth of family bonds.

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